Jesus Calms The Storm Coloring Page

writen by Percy Borum | August 27, 2021

"Caledonian Hurricane" by Dan Christensen and "The Day of Rain" by Bill Wagner are two excellent books that illustrate the life of Jesus through the actions of Jesus in the storm on the Sea of Galilee. It is a book about faith and it uses the colors of the rainbow to show the internal turmoil and struggles that the Children of Israel experienced at the time of the Passover. The book begins with the birth of Jesus and then a tale of how His mother Mary was pregnant and suffered miscarriage. It then moves to the river where He washes up. There is a great deal of peace and happiness that He shared with His disciples and a look at the difficulties some of those same disciples went through to reach the cross.

The Day of the Storm coloring pages use the colorings of the rainbow to portray the water pouring out of the manger towards the woman at the edge of the waters. There is a great deal of joy as she carries her infant son into this world and then later that same child sees his father on the Cross. All of this is accompanied by the wonderful story of how Jesus washed His disciples' feet, which was a commandment from God. In the end of the book of The Day of the Storm, the last of the eight water coloring pictures of Jesus reveals that he had absolutely nothing to drink that day because he had washed the feet of the woman at the edge of the River.

Jesus Calms The Storm Coloring Page Ideas 4nx0q Picture
Jesus Calms The Storm Coloring Page Ideas 4nx0q Picture

These particular water coloring pages are very attractive for children as they portray these events and yet they also are a little bit different than most Christian cartoons. Most Christian cartoons are created with a white background and a large number of reds and oranges used to emphasize the more destructive or violent actions that are depicted. However, the Storm series focuses more on the peaceful qualities that Jesus displayed rather than drawing any conclusions regarding His role in the destruction of the city. This is an excellent thing for parents to consider when choosing Christian art for their children to have on their home's walls.

You can find many different versions of the printable Jesus calms the storm coloring page available online. The search engine will quickly return pages that have this particular picture in them and you will have to search through them to find the one that is closest to what you are looking for. You may also want to make sure that the picture on the page is in high resolution as well so that the colors are as true as possible. Some of them may be too detailed, while others may not be up to par. Having a high quality picture to begin with is always a good idea.

Jesus Calms The Storm Coloring Page Mark 5 6907p Picture
Jesus Calms The Storm Coloring Page Mark 5 6907p Picture

Finding printable Jesus calms the storm coloring pages to color can be a very easy thing to do. You can find many versions online and each has its own feel and style to it. You can even choose several different ones to mix and match in order to create your own unique design. This can help you keep from having the same design on each of your children's storm themed coloring pages.

Along with creating your own version of the Jesus coloring page, you can also print out several of the different styles that you find to use. This allows you to color in the pictures in different styles until you find the best one for each child. You can also print these out on card stock and laminate the front so that they will be ready to laminate. You can find these kinds of laminated storm coloring pages in most craft stores.

Simple Jesus Calms The Storm Coloring Page 41xbb Picture
Simple Jesus Calms The Storm Coloring Page 41xbb Picture

You can also purchase personalized coloring pages online to give to your children. Personalized versions of Christian based snow scenes can be created through several websites and then printed out and laminated so that they are ready for use. You can also create your own version of the Jesus storm coloring page and then give them to your children as a gift.

Christmas is a special time of the year for almost everyone. Christmas is also a special time for Christians to do their own personal Christmas coloring pages to celebrate this joy. Being able to do something together as a family to celebrate the season is a wonderful way to bond and strengthen relationships. Give your kids some love by letting them color in a special Jesus snow scene created by a child prodigy.

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