My Favorite Sing Movie Coloring Pages

writen by Chang Chagolla | August 30, 2021

Here's a quick and easy way to sing movie coloring pages! There are several sites on the internet that feature original work done by animal artists. You can find a lot of fun ideas just by browsing through the pictures. I've listed some of my personal favorites for you. Enjoy!

Disney's latest offering, Sing, brings us back to another age in the history of animated films. We're dealing with apes here, folks! If you loved Sleeping Beauty, you'll love this one. Take a look at the Disney Sing coloring page samples to get an idea of how each of these pictures would look on your coloring pages. Use the arrows to see how they tie in with the story.

Elephant And Koala Sing Movie Coloring Pages Gt886 Picture
Elephant And Koala Sing Movie Coloring Pages Gt886 Picture

This is a follow up on the above picture, and it shows us a side of Mickey Mouse we've rarely seen. Mickey is shown as a fat old fellow who has lost all of his hair, and that's because he's won a singing competition. His competition was seen, and media comes with 25 piglets. Why 25? Because, according to the plot (which I think is partly intended to help children relate to their favorite cartoon characters), meena sings to a certain extent. The piglets are her children, and Mickey is determined to win her singing competition.

This one also features the Disney character Meena. Although her role in the actual coloring page is minimalistic, she's still cute and pretty. Just like the Disney Sing movies, the coloring in this one is fairly detailed and colorful. You can find Meena's coloring page on several sites, and I recommend having a look for yourself. There's nothing quite like enjoying a Disney film in the comfort of your own home, and this one gives a nice dose of that.

Koala And Mike Sing Movie Coloring Pages 4ctdw Picture
Koala And Mike Sing Movie Coloring Pages 4ctdw Picture

The final full-length featurette in the series is entitled Meet the Pterodactyls. It's probably one of my favorite Disney fairy-tale featurettes. It follows the story of how after winning a contest to become a singing sensation, a wimp named Fischer tries to get a deal with the King of the Cats to become his new singing partner. Although it has some pretty good humor, and some of my favorite singing scenes (including one involving meena), it doesn't quite reach the heights of the others.

Overall, these are four of the best coloring pages featuring Mickey and the Minnie Mouse that you can find. Of course, if you're going to a party and don't know if either Disney character will be happy to sing at your event, I suggest the one with Meena. You'll certainly know which is whose voice you're going to hear in the end! Either way, it's a great addition to any Disney fan's collection. So if you've never had the chance to color Meena's face or hear her sing, now is definitely the time!

Monkey And Elephant Sing Movie Coloring Pages 4iupu Picture
Monkey And Elephant Sing Movie Coloring Pages 4iupu Picture

My other two favorite Disney character singing features in the Walt Disney fan's movie memorabilia collection are Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. There's nothing quite like hearing those lovely tunes in the midst of our daily drudgery. While it's not exactly the high-pitched music you'd associate with Disney movies (most of their music comes from the lighter, more melodic side), for a kid, it's a great means of escape from the stress and troubles of daily life. And of course, as with Meena, Sleeping Beauty gives us a look into the world of royalty, when a peasant girl, who longs to learn to sing, attempts to enter a singing competition. (This is where things start to get a little steamy!) The music is pleasant and relaxing, and the animation is superb.

Snail And Monkey Sing Movie Coloring Page Lxw87 Picture
Snail And Monkey Sing Movie Coloring Page Lxw87 Picture

Whether it's the singing of a Disney princess or the lapping tones of a fairy, you can't go wrong with any of these Disney movie clip art pictures. There are tons of colors and styles available, so I'm sure you'll be able to find something that appeals to your interests. If you are looking for something extra special, consider purchasing the Disney DVD of a particular movie you've loved and would like to give as a gift, along with the original full-color sing-along CD that came with it. You'll be giving a wonderful gift that will make kids feel special. When you sing movie coloring pages, you give children the gift of joy - and a chance to learn a bit about history, too!

Snail Sing Movie Coloring Pages Printable Ydhu5 Picture
Snail Sing Movie Coloring Pages Printable Ydhu5 Picture

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